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               About Dr. Strohl

Jim Strohl was born and raised in a small, suburban town in eastern Pennsylvania, USA.
Early in life, Jim was perplexed by the apparent limitations and suffering associated with human existence.  In early adulthood, he had several transpersonal experiences that involved the expansion of consciousness.  This sparked an unquenchable desire to understand and experience optimal levels of functioning beyond those commonly 

accepted as healthy and normal.  Jim first sought this understanding in mainstream psychology and quickly progressed to Transpersonal Psychology which addresses humanity’s highest potential and experiences beyond conventional ego boundaries.  His fascination with spiritual-related matters deepened as he encountered the remarkable parallels between the ancient Eastern philosophical and religious traditions, modern quantum physics, and Transpersonal Psychology.

Jim’s formal spiritual training began in 1973 when he was initiated in meditation along with completing coursework in The Science of Creative Intelligence and receiving specialized training as a Meditation Checker from the Transcendental Meditation Society.   Thereafter, he received instruction from a variety of spiritual teachers in holistic spirituality, spiritual psychology, yoga science and philosophy, multidimensional dynamics of consciousness, concentration and mindfulness meditation, altered states of consciousness, and non-dual spirituality.  Through many years of intense psychological processing of ego attachments and diligent spiritual seeking, he has developed a well-formed experiential and intellectual grasp of the psycho-spiritual implications of human existence and beyond.

Current activities and approach

Jim is a transpersonal psychologist devoted to helping others awaken to their full potential by discovering their true identity as spiritual beings living in a physical world.

His approach synthesizes classical training as a counseling psychologist and spiritual direction from a variety of spiritual teachers representing numerous traditions and methods of spiritual development. This unique combination provides him with the comprehensive psychological understanding and spiritual experience and strong clinical skills to effectively translate abstract spiritual concepts into practical living applications.

Jim’s sophisticated integration of psychological and spiritual methods has helped many people transcend the common restrictions of ego-based functioning and awaken to a life of greater freedom, peace, and joy. He facilitates healing and transformation by helping people access their natural state of present moment living. His life experiences have confirmed that Presence – fully surrendering to the present moment – is the path to joyful living. The importance of accessing and embodying a state of presence is emphasized in all of his counseling and teaching activities

Jim maintains a private practice in Bethlehem, PA, USA where he provides counseling and training in experiential psychotherapy, transpersonal psychology, and psycho-spiritual development. He offers a variety of workshops and seminars including Mindful Living, Multidimensional Dynamics of Consciousness, A Course In Miracles, Law of Attraction, Psycho-Spiritual Development, Nondual Spirituality, Focusing-oriented Psychotherapy, Spiritually-oriented Focusing, and Living in Presence.

Psychology background

Jim taught, counseled, and supervised groups and individuals for over 40 years. He received a doctoral degree from Lehigh University and is a licensed psychologist in Pennsylvania, USA. He is a certified practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a Level II Clinician of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), a certified secondary school guidance counselor, a Certified Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapist and Trainer, and a Certifying Coordinator for the International Focusing Institute. He has worked in a variety of medical, psychological, and educational settings and served as an adjunct professor of Graduate Studies in Clinical and Counseling Psychology at Chestnut Hill College for 17 years.

Contact Information

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