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Ongoing Activites

A Course In Miracles (ACIM)

Jim Strohl leads several study groups in “A Course In Miracles” and provides individual coaching and instruction in the ACIM.

What is the ACIM?

The ACIM is a self-study, mind training program in non-dual spiritual psychology. This three-volume book offers a step-by-step curriculum for undoing the ego and discovering one’s true identity as a divinely inspired, loving being. The ACIM consists of a Text, Manual for Students consisting of 356 meditations, and a Manual for Teachers, all of which are meant to restructure a thought system based on fear, guilt, and anger to one based on acceptance, forgiveness, and love.  A Course In Miracles is not a religion or dogmatic philosophy but one of many non-sectarian, non-denominational teachings devoted to authentic emotional and spiritual transformation. In brief, the ACIM serves as a practical guide for Western seekers wishing to transcend ordinary consciousness, achieve greater peace and happiness, and eventually awaken to realize the oneness of all creation as an enlightened, liberated being

More Information:

Contact Jim Strohl if you are interested in learning more about (1) currently active groups, (2) forming a group in your area, (3) setting up an appointment for an individual session, or (4) general information regarding “A Course In Miracles” and other ACIM related activities and events.


Dr. James Strohl 1250 Greenwood Drive Bethlehem, PA 18017 610-861-7580 Email: Jestrohl@aol.com

Unraveling the Matrix of Duality, Nonduality,
and Beyond with Jac O’keeffe

This group will be of interest to seekers of truth who have a desire for a deep exploration into duality and nonduality, as well as that which is prior to consciousness. 

 The format of this group will consist of informal discussions of video sessions provided by nondual spiritual teacher Jac O’keeffe. 

 The content of the group discussions will consist of pointers provided by Jac on (1) the mechanics of the apparent process of manifestation, (2) how thoughts perpetuate the sense of a personal, separate self, (3) that which is beyond the mind, and (4) how to find true, causeless happiness.

 Time:   6:30 pm, Wednesdays, (approx. every four weeks)

 Place:  Center for Psychological Development, 1250 Greenwood Drive, Bethlehem

 Group facilitators:   Jim Strohl & Laurel Leland


NOTE:  Due to space restrictions the number of participants will be limited, so be sure to contact Jim (jestrohl@aol.com / 610-861-7580) if you would like to attend this group or if you have any questions.

New World Visions

This group was formed for the purpose of co-creating a new world vision that will allow everyone on earth to flourish harmoniously in a compassionate world of love, joy, health, laughter, and beauty. 

This is an open group, without an attendance commitment, and without any fee.  Those attending are invited to contribute to the group’s agenda by sharing ideas for group activities and by possibly leading some activities.  The group facilitator will always have activities planned for each meeting. 

Requirements for attending this group are simply that you are devoted to co-creating beautiful things for our world.  Oftentimes, the agenda is organically co-created in each meeting by the group members – always with the intention of spreading the light and raising the vibration of the human collective.

At times, we will simply participate in spontaneous sharing and discussions.  Other times, we might do meditations, prayer activities, healing circles, energy/vibration enhancement exercises, visualizations, and any other activities we deem helpful for constructively assisting humankind and for building a glorious future for all. 

Participating in this group is meant to be a fun and powerful way to utilize group energies to impact our world for the better.    

Contact me in order to be placed on the mailing list for this group and to receive the Zoom link for each session.  

Time:   11:00 am, Sunday mornings (every other week)

Length:  60-75 minutes

Place:  Currently held on Zoom

Fee:   No fee

Group facilitator:   Dr. Jim Strohl


NOTE:  Contact Jim (jestrohl@aol.com / 610-861-7580)
if you would like to attend this group or if you have any questions.

Deepening Into Love’s Presence

Date/Time: Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm (call for dates)

Location: Center for Psychological Development
1250 Greenwood Drive, Bethlehem, PA 18017

Facilitators: Jim Strohl & Laurel Leland co-facilitate this group

Cost: Donations welcome

Are you interested in deepening to the truth of your natural state of being as love’s presence?

The goal of this group is to improve our ability to drop inside, recognize our non-dual nature, and find the unchanging, ever-present contentment and happiness that already exists inside of us. Accessing this inner space allows life to unfold effortlessly and suffering to dissolve spontaneously.

All non-dual, spiritual teachings promote the importance of providing a safe, supportive space for the acceptance of all thoughts, feelings, and perceptions. The interactions in this group will offer acceptance and love for all that arises in our awareness rather than providing direction, guidance, advice, opinions, and analysis.

This group might be a natural next step for those of you interested in deepening your spiritual awakening to your essential state of being, including those who have attended one or more of the spiritual groups we have sponsored, i.e., ACIM, Psycho-spiritual group, Law of Attraction, Multidimensional Dynamic of Consciousness, Jayem’s “The Way” reading groups, and the presentations by Tina Louise Spalding, Roger Castillo and Jeannie Zandi.

We are excited about holding these meetings devoted to refining our abilities to open our hearts both to ourselves and others by graciously welcoming all that is most honest and true for each of us in each holy moment.

Feel free to contact us for more information.


Dr. James Strohl 1250 Greenwood Drive Bethlehem, PA 18017 610-861-7580 Email: Jestrohl@aol.com

Psycho-Spiritual Group

For those desiring an in-depth exploration of Multidimensional Dynamics of Consciousness and Non-duality through the direct experiential methods of Focusing and Loving Presence.

For thousands of years, humankind has explored how honesty and acceptance influence human functioning.  We’ve learned that our level of honesty regarding what we are experiencing and our degree of acceptance of these experiences are important factors in determining the amount of satisfaction, joy, and fulfillment experienced day-to-day.   We also know that much human suffering is caused by living life as we think it “should be” lived versus accepting life as it truly is unfolding.

This group is devoted to experiencing an attitude that has a significant life-affirming, healing, and transcendent qualities. This attitude can be called “radical honesty” or “radical acceptance of everything.”  Our intention is not to facilitate intellectual learning and philosophical understanding.  Although learning is likely to happen, it is not the intended goal.  Instead, our emphasis will be on “direct experiencing”, and on the belief that, to be happy, there is nothing specific that we need to know or do.

We will participate in exercises that invite us to trust all the playful, creative possibilities that spontaneously emerge into awareness.  Opinions will be valued for what they are –relative creations unique to each individual.  All experiences will be considered valid, thus a commitment to respecting individual differences will be expected of all group participants.  A safe, supportive environment will be established to encourage comfort and spontaneity.

All the activities of this group are based on the principle that we are multidimensional beings who are much more than simply physical beings.  The existence and influence of the infinite levels and multiple aspects of our being will be acknowledged and respected.

Some specific objectives include helping each participant become more comfortable with “not knowing” and with paradox, more enthralled with direct knowing without judgment, more familiar with non-ordinary, transcendent states of consciousness including unity consciousness, and more compassionate with themselves and others while enjoying the opportunity to sit together, as friends, sharing a sense of total freedom and honesty.

Where:  Center for Psychological Development

Fee:  Donations accepted

Time:  6:30-8:30 pm

Dates:  Arranged at each meeting, contact Jim for the current schedule.

ATTENDANCE:  If you wish to attend or would like more information, please email or call.


Dr. James Strohl 1250 Greenwood Drive Bethlehem, PA 18017 610-861-7580 Email: Jestrohl@aol.com


Individualized programs are offered for those wanting to learn Focusing for the first time, and for those interested in improving their current personal or professional practice of Focusing.

Dr. Strohl is a certifying coordinator for the Focusing Institute, New York, NY


Group Lectures & Workshops – (2-hour & 6-hour formats) One-on-One Focusing Coaching – (50-minute & 75-minute formats) Focusing Certification Program – for those interested in being certified by the Focusing Institute as a Focusing Trainer. SERVICES FOR MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS Focusing-oriented Psychotherapy Supervision – group & one-to-one Focusing-oriented Psychotherapy Workshops – half-day, full-day, and weekend workshops for all skill levels, i.e., beginner to advanced. Focusing-oriented Psychotherapy Training Programs (10 months & 2-year programs) For those wanting to improve their counseling effectiveness by incorporating advanced level, Focused-oriented interventions into their current therapeutic approach; and for those interested in being certified by the International Focusing Institute as a Focusing-oriented Psychotherapist and/or Focusing Trainer.

  • FOCUSING For more information about Focusing, please contact Dr. Strohl or visit the Focusing Institute website at www.focusing.org

___________________ INTEREST / REGISTRATION:  Contact Jim if you are interested in any of the group, training, and workshop activities. Please be as specific as possible regarding your interests. New events are often scheduled based on interest levels and participants are enrolled on a first come basis. PRIVATE AND PHONE SESSIONS: For information regarding private sessions and phone sessions with Jim, please visit the “Sessions” page.


Dr. James Strohl 1250 Greenwood Drive Bethlehem, PA 18017 610-861-7580 Email: Jestrohl@aol.com