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      Dr. Strohl is a transpersonal psychologist devoted to helping others awaken to their full potential by discovering

their true identity as spiritual beings living in a physical world.

Ego Meets Soul

For decades, increasing numbers of mental health practitioners have used a therapeutic approach known as Transpersonal Psychology. This transpersonal approach emerged from mainstream psychology and religious studies to address the effects of spirituality and consciousness on personal transformation and health.
Jim emphasizes the importance of Presence in all his counseling and teaching activities. Presence – to be fully engaged in the present moment – is a natural state that is well documented as a vital element for psychological healing and spiritual awakening.
Jim adheres to a holistic model of human functioning that he calls Multidimensional Spiritual Psychology (MSP). The practical application of MSP involves creating a safe, supportive environment in which deeper levels of self-trust and acceptance foster psychological health and spiritual well-being.

Upcoming Events

Weekend Satsang with Roger Castillo

MARK YOUR CALENDARS: I am excited to announce that Roger Castillo will be joining us again this year in Bethlehem, PA to provide Satsang on June 29, 30 & July 1.  More information will be provided as the date draws nearer.  
“Satsang is one of the most powerful tools that the divine uses to forge a path back to the heart of Being.”  – Roger Castillo


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