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“I am incredibly grateful for the time I’ve spent in spiritual learning with Jim. His presence of peace and compassion has greatly facilitated my exploration of Life’s unfolding. As a spiritual coach, Jim always meets my questions and concerns in a mindful, open manner. He helped me access my still point and ongoing state of awareness. Jim’s insightful guidance and authenticity illuminated a path of freedom that was unseen, yet always there. I’d highly recommend Jim to anyone looking for a spiritual coach and mentor.”          – Pam C.

“Dr. Strohl does not try to impose his reality, beliefs, best practices on to you but instead helps and encourages you to find what is true for you. He is not offended by your not agreeing with him for his ego and self-worth do not require it. He is on the same path as his clients, one of finding what is true for him in each moment, with each person. He is not burdened with how things should be or how they used to be. He is present in the moment where anything can happen and everything is welcome.”         – Karyn H.

“Early in our counseling sessions I felt safe and knew I could trust Dr. Strohl.  This was the first time in my life I felt deeply understood.  His wisdom and guidance using transpersonal modalities helped me experience profound healing which changed the course and direction of my life.  Without equivocation I’d highly recommend him for anyone seeking counseling.”        –  Joe S.   

“As a student and client of Dr. Jim Strohl for almost 10 years, I have a great appreciation for Jim’s integrity and professionalism. In his office hangs a poster called the Psychologist’s Creed which itemizes the unique and precious alliance between counselor and client. Each time I read it, I recognize Jim in every line: honor, wisdom, and a presence that truly creates the potential for profound life transformation. Working with Jim individually and in spiritual study groups remains one of the healthiest decisions of my life.”          – Nancy C.

“I have known Dr. Strohl for the past 18 years. His passion for and skill at supporting individuals to grow into their most authentic selves provides lush soil for profound personal growth. This is palpable in counseling sessions, as well as in his psychospiritual training and workshops. I highly recommend him as a counselor and psychospiritual teacher.”         – Jennifer S.

“Dr. Strohl is highly skilled, personable, and is a very experienced Psychologist. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend him to anyone.“         – Christian B.