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Individual Sessions

Dr. Strohl provides private counseling and coaching sessions both in person and by phone.

What you will experience in a session:

  • A safe, supportive environment maintained throughout the session.
  • Guidance to a state of present-centered mindfulness called “loving presence”.
  • Increased levels of self-trust.
  • Increased comfort with internal processing.
  • Removal of judgments, doubts, and fears.
  • Comfortable ways to access strong negative feelings.
  • Effective means of dismissing negative thoughts and feelings.
  • Improved conflict resolution ability.
  • Healing of multidimensional influences in your life.
  • Greater alignment with true self/inner being/spirit.
  • Wise ways to express your individuality constructively.

Typical goals include:

  • Increased peace and harmony with self, others, and God.
  • Deeper realization of truth & reality.
  • Improved ability to appreciate present realities.
  • Diminished feelings of anxiety & depression
  • Increased self-responsibility and self-acceptance.
  • Enhanced sense of self-empowerment & well-being.
  • Greater stress tolerance
  • Increased spontaneity and creativity.
  • Improved interpersonal relationships
  • Improved decision-making and conflict resolution abilities.

To make an appointment or to receive more information about private sessions with Jim,
please call 610-861-7580 or email Jim at Jestrohl@aol.com.

In person sessions and phone sessions are offered in 50 min., 75 min. and 90 min. formats.

In addition to individual sessions, Jim offers a large number of lecturesgroupsworkshops, and training activities to mental health professionals and the general public on a variety of psychological and spiritual topics.  Visit the “Events” page for more information on these activities.