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Based on our human nature, as we engage the physical world it is natural to become worried and frightened.  It is from these feelings that evaluation and judgment arise.   Eventually these reactions give way to side-taking, guilt, blame and attack. 

What or who can save us from these relentless unsettling experiences and reactions?   Where do we find lasting safety, security, peace and harmony?  The answer lies with that part of us that has the capacity to make choices.   We can choose to either remain attached to our conditioned human reactions or we can choose to embrace our thoughts, feelings, and perceptions with love and compassion. 

Being kind, compassionate and loving toward the spontaneous, programmed human reactions and responses occurring in ourselves and others means we have transcended our unconscious attachment to the human condition and accessed a deeper reality of our being.  This open-hearted level of functioning offers entirely new, broader perspectives along with more positive, constructive behavioral patterns.  This level of existence is the fundamental essence of our being and True Nature which is infinitely gentle, kind, respectful and loving toward all that exists. 

Embodying this deeper, fundamental part of our being allows us to more readily recognize and lovingly embrace the innocent, mistaken perceptions of separation, judgment and conflict associated with human, ego-based conditioning.   Furthermore, from this deeper, broader perspective we realize that our perceptions of the external world are determined by the character of our internal reality.  By accessing the innocent, compassion of the open heart of our True Nature we readily forgive our self-critical behaviors as well as our grievances toward others. 

When intentionally and persistently accessing this level of existence our awareness of the faulty perceptions of our internal and external worlds increases and an expanded love for all life become more dramatically instilled in our consciousness.  Eventually, an organic, spontaneous expression of compassion and respect for ourselves and others becomes the new norm, resulting in greater freedom, peace and happiness for all. 

  •  October 12, 2020