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Each one of us has an internal support system that is infinitely wise and helpful for guiding our lives.  In order to establish an effective relationship with this inner network we must learn to slow down, turn inward, pause, and listen for the subtle messages it is sharing on an ongoing basis for our personal benefit as well as the benefit of others. 

This wise, internal element of our being is known by many names including Higher Self, Holy Spirit, Inner Being, Greater Self, Multidimensional Self, True Self and Soul.  It is an unwavering source of healing, guidance, inspiration and joy.  Its nature is to be very patient while persistently sharing its messages in a soft, gentle, compassionate manner which is a distinct contrast to the loud, forceful, impatient, pressure that is imparted by the thinking mind and the needs and desires of the ego. 

The essence of this aspect of our being is Unconditional Love which includes the innate knowing that wholeness, peace and happiness are the basis of our True Nature as well as the Essential Nature of the entire universe.  It is able to be unfailingly patient and gentle because it knows that every living being will eventually remember its True Nature and recapture a direct experience of eternal wholeness, peace, love, and freedom.  When and how we’ll find our way back to the wholeness of our True Nature is left up to us.  The Unconditional Love of our Inner Being supports our right to create our own experiences and to accomplish our inevitable return “home” in our own unique way.

The messages arising from our Inner Being are received in diverse ways by different individuals and they can sometimes perceptually change for the same individual.  These messages might be perceived internally as thoughts, images, spoken words, direct knowing, sensations, emotions, and felt sensings or appear as messages received through externally manifested phenomenal experiences.  With practice, we can learn to better access, interpret, and utilize the wisdom and guidance offered by our Inner Being.   

Refining our communication with Inner Being includes developing a reasonable amount of discernment and skepticism regarding the messages we receive.  We certainly do not want to disrupt our ability to receive the communication by being overly skeptical.  However, we also do not want to be so gullible that we expose ourselves to being manipulated and managed by outside influences that are not in our best interest. 

Healthy discernment is accomplished by dropping our attention inside ourselves to check if our personal feeling tones and felt sense about the communication is thoroughly inviting, flowing smoothly and completely positive.  In other words, does it feel right and make sense in the deepest, most subtle ways?   If our feeling tones do not provide a clear affirmative “yes” feeling about a message it is a clear indication that that message is not resonating with our deepest needs and best interests at that time.   It is important to practice this skill of inner sensing on a regular basis in order to refine our sensitivity to the subtle nuances of our inner awareness regarding what does and doesn’t fit affirmatively with our overall being. 

Taking full responsibility for turning our attention inward and refining our ability to remain open and aware of the subtle nuances of the vibrational frequencies related to all our relationships, experiences and situations is imperative for healthy, effective living.  Behaving this way is a sign of deep maturity and refinement of being.  It is an effective and efficient way to not only proceed toward a happier more meaningful life but also to eventually reach the ultimate goal of eternal peace, freedom, and joy. 

January 25, 2020