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“If everything is God, and I am a part of everything, then I must be an aspect of God.”


“The ego dissolves when, in presence, we observe it and bathe it in acceptance, love, and forgiveness.”


“To be fully present in the moment places us in alignment with an unlimited and always available source of universal energy.”


“The world is a less frightening place when we know we made it all up.”


“Beware of friends carrying flashlights. A true friend is one who holds your hand in the dark.”


“The genuine Self that you are is so beautiful that the universe sings in delight when touched by the deepest truth and reality of your “being.


“I am not a personal aspect of God expressing myself. I am expressing a personal aspect of God.”


“I am not a part of oneness. Oneness is, and I am.”


“Love is not something felt toward another being. Love is felt when “being” with another.”


“When we bring loving presence to an experience healing spontaneously unfolds.”


“The soft, gentle voice of Spirit cannot be noticed until we quiet the loud mind enough to adequately hear.”


“In presence, judgment, fear, and blame are recognized as simply clouds hiding the true landscape of love and peace.”


“Love can only be love when it is being shared.  Therefore, to have everything we must give everything.”

“We didn’t come to earth to get something done.  We came to enjoy everything we are doing.”

“If you don’t compare yourself to others, there’s nothing you can lack.”

“When we believe our thoughts about reality we remain one step from the truth.”