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The Light of Love is always present. Love is not something we create, it is something we remember, uncover, or recognize. Discovering love means returning home to the source of our being, the source of all that exists, the light that dispels darkness.

When we turn toward the light of love darkness fades away. If we stay focused on the light there can be no darkness and when we remain in the present moment we notice that the light is perpetually shining. Darkness requires focusing attention on the past and the future. The present moment is always exemplified by joy, peace, and love. The light shining in the present moment is endlessly expansive and creative.

Darkness holds no substantial qualities other than the absence of awareness of light, love, peace, and joy. Our inner being knows this, yet it is easily forgotten by our externalized, separated self. There is an abundance of light in the world and yet we tend to obsess on the experiences in life that appear to be dark. A disproportionate amount of our time is spent thinking and talking about the darkness in the world, trying to avoid it, ignore it, run away from it, and change it. Darkness appears so real and pervasive that it seems to have a valid existence in and of itself. Yet when light presents itself to darkness, darkness withers in its presence. Darkness cannot sustain itself in the presence of light.

If our goal is to discover the light of love that pervades all existence, then changing the direction of our attention is a key factor. We can begin right now by realizing that each one of us is the light, has always been the light, and will always be the light. When we look for the light it will always be found there waiting for us. Darkness cannot prevail if we practice seeing the light in everyone and everything. If we keep turning our faces toward the light, eventually a blinding light will cover every inch of our souls and we will come to know that Love’s light is the only true reality that exists throughout eternity.

Light encompasses the entire spectrum of realities and possibilities and endlessly shines as a beacon of love, joy, bliss, and peaceful contentment. The universe perpetually offers each of us the blessing of the light of love and patiently waits for us to recognize its presence. By abiding in faith, intention, will, and reverence the presence of inner light will eventually be fully revealed to all of us who have believed in darkness far too long.